Colin 9th June

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Been a busy week. Last Sunday was dog show at my house. Picked a bad day as it was jubilee party night on Saturday. So not as many as we hoped. Made 300€ but a lot of work for it.We did however home a puppy so some consolation.. Also homed 2 yound dogs down in Torry. What a place, took me an hour to find the place. Nice people and I am sure Toby and Toni will be very happy. 6 dogs sterilised on Tuesday and Thursday. We had a meeting with the Nieves Mayor on Tuesday. Wanted to tell him who we were and what we do. He said we were doing a good job etc. He is willing to help with publicity etc to try and have more dogs sterilised. We could also have a stall at local fiestas etc. Meeting with Dogs at Large so we dont duplicate what they are doing. Visited a family who have built a number of kennels with a view to fostering dogs for us and indeed others. Worked hard and spent some money on it. Nearly finished then we will take advantage of their generosity. Picked up a fair bit of stuff this week for the shop and some to get next week. Tickets now on sale for the country and Western night at bar central on 30th June. Homed 3 dogs this week and another one going to UK in the next few weeks.

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