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Well did car boot at Salinas. Everytime I do it I say 'never again' and this time I mean it. Anyone who has been there will know why. A lot of hard work for 68€. I have spent many hours sorting out the stuff stored in my sheds. Not up to shop standard but worth something so car boots it is. I still have huge amounts so will be doing others but not at Salinas. Dogs still coming in, 43 at last count but 3 homed in last 2 days. Good news is they are big dogs, Bertie, Roseanne and on trial is Bart. Roseanne is going all the way to northern Scotland so I think she may notice a change in the weather!  Someone picked up a pointer pup on Saturday and wonder of wonders I got a phone call on Sunday looking for a lost pointer pup. It was reunited with its owner.  A kitten was brought into the shop last week. It had an eye infection which although treated developed into a huge abcess. The eye has had to be removed but he is doing well now and should survive. Before and after pictures on Facebook. (Search Hondon Valley animal rescue to find us)  We have a country and Western night on Saturday at central in Hondon. Still tickets available. See events for full details. The auction at my house is 22nd Jully. Any large items would be welcome. Any furniture etc I will collect. We have recruited 3 new fosterers in the last 3 weeks. They know who they are and many thanks. More always welcome.

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