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We raised 450 at the Music night on Saturday at Bar Central. Food good and a pleasant evening. Had another stressful time trying to pay money into our account at Ruralcaja. As the regular readers will know I had a problem trying to pay in coins to our bank account at the end of a month. Also now beginning of the month. I looked through the window to see one customer waiting. As it happens the manager was stood outside having a smoke and when he saw my bag I got 'no coins at the beginning of the month' I wanted to pay in 240e into our account but was told we didnt use enough of the banks facilities to allow him to allow me to pay in coin. He virtually said we were not wanted as we caused them too much work with our coins.  Irony is he is stood outside smoking telling me they didnt have time to take my money. I went home in a rage of course. I took out the money, all in blisters of course and it took 1 minute 20 seconds for it to be counted!  We are closing the account. I know this is Spain but hell fire you would think the banks would be glad of any money anytime. 2 dogs leaving for UK on Thursday so some good news. Further good news is the amount of materials and offers of help we have had to build 2 kennels with runs at fosterers homes. we thank you all very much, work begins next week and will cost only a fraction of the price it would have done.  We have a van leaving around the 24th July with 4 dogs and 2 cats. We have to make a decision by the end of the month wether to buy the vehicle or not!..  Would be great to have our own means of getting animals back to UK but money is always the problem.  Nelson the one eye cat is doing well and playing in my porch room. Hopefully going to his new home Friday. i love a happy ending.  Just had a call from someone who adopted one of our dogs 3 months ago. it has started nipping people etc so it has to come back. Cant win them all. The annual auction is at my house on 22nd July. We have a fair amount of items but if anyone has anything large or small they can donate I would willingly collect of course.

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