Colin 5th July

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Two dogs, Sammy and Mishka left for England today. Cost us 400e to send them which is reasonable but a lot of money out of the funds. It is a dilema. Do we say you cany have a dog unless you pay or the transport. If we do a lot will not get homed. If we dont we keep them and they may never be homed here. There are still more dogs being picked up than finding homes locally.  If we can ever afford our own transport vehicle we still have the financing of the trip to consider. In the ideal world the new owners would cover the costs but that does not seem to happen. Will have to keep the situation under review. had a dog returned today that I mentioned on my last post. It was too much for the children. Just being a puppy I think but there we are. Anybody want a black dog with some labrador in him?  He will be on facebook in the next day or two, as well as on here of course.

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