Colin 12th December

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Started the day with a dog bite.  My dog Sally had a serious go at the old Spanial I have taken on. Managed to get Sally away but the old boy bit me when I tried to see if he was injured. My fault, I should have left him longer to get over the stress. So ended up with bites on both hands.   Took all olives to the olive oil place. 327kilos. Good eh. A lot more to gather in the next month before we turn it all into olive oil. This afternoon we found that our one eyed cat, Nelson was trapped in next doors garden by their two huskys who had him cornered under a large box. Managed to get him out but was caught by the two dogs. I managed to save him just in time but in doing so he sunk his teeth into my hand, just about an inch from the dog bites. Not my best day.  Good news though, a rehoming center in the UK is taking the six pups I have. Cannot go for a month or so but an end in sight for them. Also Kerstin has taken two dogs from the kennels with a view to homing them in Germany. So Angus and Nina have chance of homes.

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