Colin 14th December

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What a hectic couple of days. We have homed 11 pups and 3 big dogs. Some in UK, to go in January and some up and down the coast. Also 4 dogs going to Germany soon so.  Many of these homings are thanks to Sams efforts in the UK on the facebook and Becky Sweetman from Costa Blanca homing and Kerstin homing in Germany.  I have had to cat test 5 dogs. This involves my 'volunteer' cat Rigsby being exposed to the dogs, one at a time of course to see how they react. Only one failed so not bad really.  A lot of people want to know what the dogs are like with cats. This reasonable request is ok. Some requests are hard to answer, how is the dog with children, chickens, horses, hamsters. Not so easy to answer some of them!!  Down side to the homing is the money.  To send a dog to UK costs an average of 300€ Maybe about half of this may be paid by the adopter but that still leaves us with a lot to find. As long as we have money this is what we are aiming to do, if we run out of money, well lets hope it doesnt come to that. 




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