Colin 8 October 13

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We went off this morning to meet a lady in Frailies who said she had found two dogs. On arrival the lady was not there but did arrive after we made some contact through a Spanish third party. she had one dog and told us the other had died during the night. When I said I would take the dog she said she wanted to keep it. I found identification on the collar and realised that this was one of three dogs who someone had told me about a couple of days ago. They had been left by a man who died suddenly in Frailies. The lady then asked what we were going to do with the dead dog which was still at her house! I arranged through Rebecca the vet, for the animal cremation people to attend later and collect the dog. however, we have had to pay the bill of €85 to remove the dead dog. I shall try to recover this from the executors of the dead man's estate. We spent a total of five hours from beginning to end trying to sort this out. 

Without Rebecca we couldn't have done it!

Quite a few items were collected from the Solana area for the shop/car boot

had a call from a lady in the campo near Aspe about a dog she has been feeding in the fields for some months. She now knows the dog has had eight puppies in a pipe!  Going tomorrow to try sort that one.

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