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Elvis has left the building! Much to the amusement of many people we bought an 'Elvis Presley dressed' mannequin at an auction some time ago to use in the shop. Unfortunately he was too big and too heavy so he went into storage. Then our Events Coordinator, Steve Lane who is a big man, donned the outfit and raised €450 sponsorship at our recent dinner dance. The mannequin has now gone to someone to become a 'mummy' for an event they are holding.  Elvis turned out to be a good buy.

Delivered 'another' sofa to Kay Lee. I think this is the third one as her dogs eat them on a regular basis.

Went to the shop and collected little Eli who is sat on my knee as this is being written. She needs a foster home - so if anyone wants a lovely little female sterilised lapdog, temporarily or permanently, she could be the one for you.

For those who read yesterdays post regarding the dogs belonging to the man who died. We managed to find his house today, his next of kin was there and agreed to reimburse our €85 paid to have the dog cremated.

It's 9 p.m. and still at it! Am at present waiting for a phone call from someone bringing a dog found wandering. We are meeting him at La Romana petrol station.  He will have to come back to my kennel tonight and off to the kennels tomorrow morning.

Will have to sort the dog in the campo with the 8 puppies tomorrow as the lady hasn't been answering her phone today.

Two more new members today which is great - the more the merrier.

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