Colin 10 October 13

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The dog we collected last night was stood outside our bedroom window this morning! She managed to escape from the pen. However, she is a lovely friendly girl and has now taken up residence at the kennels.

We went to shop to remove more of the summer clothes. However, got an emergency call from Kay Lee needing puppy milk. Set off for Salvador's in Novelda and then made the return trip to Kay's - happy puppies:)

Got a call to say that someone had dumped three small dogs out of a van on the Aspe Road. Lady managed to capture them and put them in her car. They are now at Lou's house. Three nice little dogs (2 girls and 1 boy) who are already on our Facebook page. So four dogs in one day!

One of our dogs, Nero, is going to a home in Holland in a few days. He has tested positive for Leishmaniosis and will need expensive treatment, injections etc. However, the Dutch family who are taking him are still willing to home him.  He is going with his medication and they will give him the attention he will need, he should make a full recovery. Most people reject them when they have Leishmaniosis so Nero is clearly going to a very caring family and we thank them very much.

My small number of detractors are still at it. I received an email today saying I have no idea how to run a business; didn't know how to look after dogs; that I have been dictatorial; am not a team player; a liar and was doing irreparable damage to HoVAR - and more. You may guess this was from one of the women who were trying to get me out of HoVAR. Doing my best to ignore it, because you just can't win sometimes. In a strange way I think the charity will be stronger after the aggro over the past couple of weeks.

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