Colin 11 October 2013

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 Worked in shop all morning as one of the volunteers is away on holiday.

Then we went to Aspe to meet a lady to follow her into the campo where she has been feeding a dog that has now had a number of puppies. However, the puppies are so far down a water pipe there was nothing we could do. The lady is to monitor the situation and will contact me when the puppies are accessible.

Got a call about 8 p.m. from a lady who had found a dog stuffed in a paper bag, he had been bent double with his legs around his head, then put inside a water pipe. The dog was still alive but in a very poor state. Went straight away and found the dog was totally emaciated, literally only skin and bone,  clearly not going to survive, but he was alive and looking at us. His legs were totally stiff and he was unable to move them beyond the odd involuntary twitch.  Called Salvador and met him at his clinic in Novelda. Unfortunately there was nothing at all to be done for the dog but put him to sleep. It looked like he had advanced leishmaniosis. How can people be so cruel and evil? Somebody had allowed the dog to become desperately ill, decided he was near to death so shoved him in a bag then into the pipe. An awful experience for the lady who found him and a bloody awful for us.   Just got home at 11 p.m. it's been a long, and sad day.  

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