Colin Monday 14 October 2013

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Took a lot of winter clothes to the shop, and removed some more summer items.

Then off to the vets to get more puppy milk. Waited an hour but unfortunately it wasn't delivered at 1230 as originally advised. We will have to go back again later. Fortunately Kay has enough to last until the morning so Lynne will collect and deliver it then as I am working in the shop again.

Picked up a double bed from the Urb. Went to Lou's to sort out one or two problems in the evening. Met Rebecca the vet there who had picked up a little stray dog. Nowhere to take it so it's in the shed. She has food and drink and needs to rest as she is in a poor state. Received the news today from Dave and Jean's Kennels that, due to ill health, they no longer feel they can dedicate the time required to look after the HOVAR dogs. We are looking at alternatives, as we will have to find somewhere else from November.

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