Colin Monday 21 October 2013

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Took some items to the shop and then down to the auction house at Formentera with some items for the sale on Saturday - fridge freezer, sofa, nice guitar in a case and some other items. Stuck there for over an hour as we couldn't unload immediately.

Later on took dog food to Kay Lees. Unfortunately neither of the Piensos in the valley had suitable puppy food, so Kay is managing with some purchased earlier that isn't ideal. The pups are now about 5 weeks so are eating bits of solid food so will be fine until we can get some of their usual milk.

Rebecca the vet was in touch. There are now tablets available in place of the injections normally given for Leishmaniosis. The price is similar but clearly less stressful for the dog, and indeed for the carer if the dog can simply take a tablet rather than need injections. We are trying it with Carmen and Tina. There could be side effects that might mean we have to revert to injections but we shall see.

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