Colin Friday 25 October - Sunday 27 October 2013

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Friday: Rebecca (the vet) came in the morning and took blood from Glenys for Leishmaniosis testing. 

Went to the Urb to collect a football table to sell. Probably take it to the auction house.

In the afternoon Doug and Meg came to have a look at Ellie as they want a lapdog. Not surprisingly they have taken Ellie and, as long as she gets on with their own dog, she will have a lovely home there.


Saturday:  Spent some time sorting out items for tomorrow's car boot sale. 

Couple came and bought two items of furniture that we had stored at the back of the house. 

In the evening we went to our Race Night at Bar Central in Nievies. Thirty people attended and, miracle of miracles, I won the overall prize for having the most 'chips' at the end.  Never been a lucky gambler, but in the last race I put all the chips I had on a horse called 'Under the Cosh'. I thought it very apt considering a lot of recent events!  Blow me, it won at 10/1. A pleasant evening.

Sunday:  Up early and off to do the car boot at a new venue, Casas Galianas. Myself and Steve Lane took €70 and talked to a lot of our regular supporters. Well worth the effort.

Had the news that Glenys has not got Leishmaniosis so the poor soul has probably been starved for most of her life. She is now, however, running around the property. Our dogs, bless them, are not bothering her.

Tina, who does have leishmaniosis has started her treatment today. We will see how she is in four weeks time.

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