Colin Monday 28 October 2013

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Started off this morning delivering items to the shop.  Then went to see a Dutchman on the Urb who had found a little dog a few days ago.  He is happy to keep the dog at this time but pictures have been posted on the web as the dog could be local to the area it was found. The happy news is that the man may well take the dog back to Holland with him.

Then went to take some photographs of Suzie who is with fosterers in La Canalosa. (Sandra makes a lovely sponge cake).

In the afternoon we met a couple who had asked to foster a small dog. We went to Louise's where they chose to foster Bryony. She has gone home with them and, subject to their own dogs accepting her, they will foster her.

This evening we took the two puppies found on Saturday to Elda as we have no one to foster them. I never have a problem taking puppies to Elda. Maria loves them all and will ensure they get a good home.

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