Colin Monday 11 November 2013

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Working in the shop this morning as one lady was off and the other was ill! Cleared a lot of items out of the shop and replaced with other goods.

Rebecca the vet called this morning and had a look at Lucy, who I had collected from Heidi's. She is still anaemic but seems to be doing well. Lucy has now gone to stay with Jacquie. Patsy had her jabs and seems to be without health issues!

In the afternoon we went to Aspe to collect four puppies. They had been found in a plastic bag in a dustbin. They are a few days old, very small (you could get two on the palm of your hand). Gwenda, a lady in Frailies, has volunteered to try to raise them. Fingers crossed as their survival is not guaranteed as they are so young. Then had to go collect Patrick and take him to Lou's where the  transport arrived about 9 p.m. to take him on the first stage of his journey to the Channel Islands.

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