Colin Wednesday 20 November 2013

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First entry for a couple of weeks as nothing particularly out of the ordinary has happened. Still been busy sorting out stuff for the shop, going up and down to the auctions etc.

Today all our dogs have been taken out of Dave and Jean's kennels as they are no longer able to cope with the dogs due to ill health. All have been taken to other accommodation. Our new 'HOVAR' kennels are with Jacquie and Roy who have been busily building new kennels ready to take these and future dogs.

Picked up a lovely Collie type dog that had a chip - but guess what? When the vet phoned the owner the phone was unobtainable. I think it is probably lost so if any knows anyone who has lost a Collie dog (like Lassie), we have it, he is with Jacquie.

The Breton Spaniel with the Leishmaniosis, Tina, is looking much better. She isn't putting on much weight, but it will come. She is lively and very eager to please and loves lots of hugs.

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