Colin - weekly round-up (w/e Sunday 8th December 2013)

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Back from the UK after visiting family for a few days. Hectic time, dashing around trying to see everyone and buying Christmas presents!

Back to work on Monday and within a few minutes got our first  call. A dog to collect, lovely greyhound we called Milo.

The kennels are coming on very well. All the dogs have now settled in there.

On Tuesday we did three collections of items from Frailies, Crevillente and Aspe. Some good stuff, some of which will go to the shop and some to the auction.

Contacted Cereco about the dog we took there (Laddie) that had a chip. He had not been claimed. We went there to try and get the dog back. After some confusion we were told that we couldn't have him back because he was chipped. They couldn't give us him without the owner's permission. It seemed that they had made no effort to try trace the owner. I was told that I would have to go to Albatera town hall and explain the situation to them as the chip was registered to someone in Albatera.  On Thursday, we went to the Town Hall and explained. We were then sent to the local police station. They were able to check up on who actually owned the dog according to the chip number. A local policeman was then assigned the task of visiting the owner which he later did. The owner said that he would collect the dog. Why Cereco didn't do that I have no idea.

Did a trip down to the auction with some large items and collect some money from previous sales. Called at a house at Dolores and collected a good van load of stuff. Went to the shop on Friday and took some of the old items out of the shop and replaced them with new stuff.

All in all it was quite a busy week.

Next week we are going to spend a lot of time picking olives with a view to selling oil in the shop as we did last year.

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