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We have been called out to rescue a 7 month old puppy from the bins and found a small 2 year old wandering down the middle of the road in Frailes. We are seeking a home for the puppy and managed to find the owners of the little girl. 

Steve our committee member went around putting up posters of the puppy (Alfie) to see if we could trace any owners. We took Alfie to the vets no microchip and so he has had his first jab and we are actively seeking a home for him. 

Steve also adopted a cat this month. 

We have been busy putting posters of all our dogs needing a home in La Romana, Nieves, Frailes and Aspe and have contacted The Leader, The Costa Blanca News and The Inland Magazine trying to get more advertising. 

We helped a spanish couple try and find their 2 lost dogs doing posters and putting on the web site. They went missing on 27th December and great news is they were found in Pinoso yesterday (not by us). 

A busy weekend! We had a call to help a young, large dog who we have named Max. We went and got him and took him to the vet as he was a bit lame and the couple who found him are kindly fostering him for us whilst we try and home him.  We took a call about 2 young dogs living outside somebodys house for over a week so went along and collected them. 

Tuesday saw a trip to the vet for Alfie (needs a home) he had ripped his dew claw and had to have it removed and one of the alsatians we homed in December (Bruce) to be castrated. 

We have been asked to trap 3 semi-feral cats so the owners of the property can have them sterilised so are working on how we are going to do that! 

There is a shelter in crisis in Callosa de Segura, 80 dogs living on stone floors in a derelict building with no heat or even glass in the windows. There were 7 puppies living there and we managed to get 2 of them out of that awful environment to a new home. 

A busy final week to January. We are now in the Inland Mag, the Coast Rider, The Costa Blanca News, the Euro weekly and on www.businessfreeads.com and  www.spanimal.org. 

Had an enquiry about Alfie from a lady in Seville who is coming to see him with a view to adoption so good old internet it really works! We have picked up a beautiful Breton Spaniel puppy and she is currently being fostered and also a lovely little dog we have named poppy in La Romana. Moving forward with becoming legal and generally things are getting exciting. 

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