We are spending on average 2000 euro a month. This is because we are determined to sterilise and vaccinate all our dogs. This along with other vet fees, food and transport costs add up to this figure. All ins and outs can be seen on the finance page.  If you are able to help there are several ways of doing so.
1)  Sponsor an animal for as little as 10 euros a month. Please email for further details.  [email protected]
2)  Make a one off or regular personal donation  (to donate through Paypal please click on button top of this page)
Our bank account details are:
Banco Sabadell.
Asociacion Hondon Valley Animal Rescue
IBAN: ES93 0081 1370 9600 0108 7710
3)  Give in one of the charity tins in many of the bars and shops in our area 
4)  Come and have fun at one of our events and in doing so you are supporting the animals
5)  Donate items we can sell in our shop, at auctions or at car boot sales.
adopt foster ad
If you cannot give any money no problem maybe you can give some time? We are desperate for volunteers and:
1) Foster homes
2) Permanent homes