Male Dogs in need of a home

Merlin was found starving and far too thin. He is healthy apart from the need to put on weight. He is a big soft and lovely natured dog. The lady who had him reserved has backed out so he is looking for a home.
Billy is now about eighteen months old. He is initially very excitable but soon calms down and will sit and listen to commands. Billy is wondering what he could do to try and get himself out of a kennel and into someones life. He knows he is a bit unruley when people come to visit him so he wants to go to Dannys training sessions on Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon BUT he needs someone to hold his lead for him. Anyone out there who could spare an hour to help him. He has seen all his friends come and go to new homes but he always gets overlooked
This is Danny, he is about 12 months old, big friendly dog, needs a place where he can run.
Benny kopie
Benny is about 6 years old and weighs under 10 kilogram. He is a lap dog who likes plenty of attention. Fine with other dogs and no known problems. Found on the main road near Nieves in August. Probably lost but had no collar, chip etc and no one has claimed him so he needs a new home now.