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The stonesOsitaFaith
Mary havanaOlive
JakeJake has been adopted by his fosterers.
LauraLaura has found a home in Cartagena area.DigbyDigby has found a home with a local family
laurelLaurel has found a home locally.
SammySammy has found a new home in Belgium
CharlieCharlie was too adorable!! His fosterers have adopted him.
LeoLeo was such a hansom boy he was homed locally within a few days.
RebeccaBasilFruityBrianBrian Hardyhas gmasterone to aHarold home locally as has Hardy
EstrellaEstrella has found a home locally
SadieSadie has found a home locally
tomharriettHarriet and Dick have been homed locally
DottieDottie has founs a home locally with a lady who has a dalmation. She should be very happy
dickThis little chap has found a home with a dutch couple in our area.
AlbaAlba has found a home in Belgium.
BonzoBonzo has a new home with someone in the local area. A lovely gentle giant so hope it works out.
Romo3Romo has gone to a good home in the country.
RustyRusty has been adopted by his long term fosterers.  We lose a fosterer but the dog is homed.
JedJed has gone to a new home in Belgium
MandyMandy has gone to anew home in Belgium.
matildaMatilda has only been with us a week. She is enjoying life now down at Catrall.
CockyLucy has found a home down by the seaside. Lucky girl. Aug
PradaPrada has found a new home in England.
barneyarney enjoyed his 3 day trip to a new home in England.
dollyDolly has found a home with a young couple in Campoverde. July
wallaceWallace has found a new home in Belgium.
Patch2Patch has found a home with a family from Pinoso way. June
AngieAngie is about 6 weeks pregnant but has been taken by a local family. Many thanks to them
SmudgeSmudge has found a new owner in the Nieves area. Lucky boy June
stanleyStanley leaves for England in July. He has been adopted by a family there.
JessieJessie has been with us for many months. She was a poor looking thing when brough in but after months of care, good food, grooming and love she has gone to a new home in Belgium
ragRag has found a home with a spanish lady in Nieves.
bobtailBobtail homed on 5th May
fernFern has found a home with a couple in England. She travels there in a couple of months time.
EllieEllie has found a home with a man in the Nieves area who loves her already.
FreddiFreddi was only with us four days before al lady gave him a home when she saw him in our shop.
OzzyOzzy is a lucky boy. Only with us for a few days before he has been homed with a local couple. He and they are very happy
hatty 1Hattie has finally found a home. She is going to Belgium.
princessPrincess has found a loving home with someone who adores German Shephards. She has settled well.
bonoBono has been homed in Belgium. He will be travelling in March.
biscuitBiscuit has gone to live with a couple and their old dog down by the sea in Playa Flamenca.
Rosie has found a home, she is the only dog so will be well spoilt I think.
chica tomChica has been adopted by her long term fosterers.
 PepinPepin now looks a lot better than this and he has found a home with a lady from Rojales way. Saved from starvation by the people of Frailies and Bar Pepin in particular. A happy ending.
PeeweePeewee has found a home December
yorkies2 little yorkies whose mum and dad went back to the UK successfully homed by Colin. Dec 10

Lola Lola has been homed, her fosterer Gill is in love and could not part with her. Lucky dog i say.
PolyannaPolyanna is going to live in Holland with an elderly lady. She will be an only dog and spoilt no doubt.
SapphireSaphire has gone to live with a lady at Campomar.  It was love at first sight.
NancyNancy has been homed by a couple who have 3 other big dogs so she will be well loved and cared for  October 29th
rdennisDennis has been adopted by a lovely Spanish couple. He has a big  plot and they live there full time so plenty of love for hi.
BennyBenny adorable pup re-homed by Eli, the lady who's garden he was dumped in.
BonzoBonzo has been homed with a couple recently moved into the area. Oct 16th
tanni 1Tanni has found a home with a lady from over Pinoso way Oct 16th
sandy barbSandy has found a home with a couple recently moved here from Holland. October
SparkySparky has been homed by the sea. His new home is on the Mar Menor. He will get plenty of chance to play in the sea Sept 30th
MitziMitzi (Penny) has found a home with a lovely lady who wanted a dog to walk and be a good companion.  Just the right match we think. Lucky Penny (and owner of course) sept 2010
BonzoBonzo has found a home thanks to Jean at the kennel. One of her clients needed a big dog and Jean and Dave did the rest. Sept 23rd
masie 1Maisie has found a new home in Belgium. aug 2010
BambiBambi has found a nice home down on the coast. aug 2010
tulaPaula loved Tula (pup pup) so much she has decided to keep her! August 2010
SadieSadie has found a home. She is with a male dog who looks just like her (They are not 
having a family) Living the country life with an english couple near La Romana August 2010
Osita Great news Osita is staying with her fosterers Dave and Pauline very kindly sponsored by Jacquie. She is happy and loves her new family after over 1 1/2years living in foster homes. August 2010
Sadly had to take 2 dogs to ELDA the sanctuary they are being cared for well we just have no foster homes.  August 2010.

Little siamese kitten found by Paula and adopted by Marilyn and (Colin) well think colin probably went mad about it. August 2010.

rooneytessRooney going to his new home with Jenni and Bas along with another lovely dog Tess. August 2010
 Pinky and Perky
What beauties!!! 6 weeks old and full of love and life Muriel kindly took them under her wing and they have found new owners in Belgiium. August 2010

Dolcie a pretty and loving Dalmatian sweet natured and good with other dogs, Now homed with a lovely couple from Cullibron. Has settled in fine and very happy. August 2010
 blue new home Blue going to his new home they love him and he will be with 2 other dogs and we know well looked after.July 2010
rufusRufus has found a home with a lovely couple who are well used to big dogs. I will miss him but he needed to be homed and I know he will be well looked after and loved June 2010
diego new homeDiego is a Lucky boy. He has gone to join a loving family with Scott and Lisa who have recently re-homed 2 others they are now full! 
whiskey 3 lovely little whiskey re-homed to a loving family he will have a playmate and we know be spoilt rotten! June 2010
pearlPearl happy with her new mum and dad, Marilyn and Colin in Macisvenda. They recently lost one of theirs under awful circumstances so lets hope little pearl brightens their home. June 2010
galliGalli who nearly lost his life and had a blood transfusion from Blue the great dane....going to Beligium thanks muriel and team! June 2010
No pictures because we were too quick but:
* Thursday 10th June reunited a pointer with its spanish owner 
* Monday 14th June reunited a small shitzu type dog with its spanish owners as for once IT HAD A CHIP!!!!!!!!

pipPip was homed in May 2010
Pepe was homed June 2010 by his foster family - Thanks Trudi and family we are so pleased. 
Lilly MayGone to a nice couple to give Karon something to cuddle. May 2010
HarveyThanks to Terries efforts and Scotts soft heart he has a home. May 2010
SallySally has been found a home in Belgium our first successful adoption there. Homed May 2010. Wrong, my wife could not let her go. She is staying here.
SarenTerrie who has been helping find all the dogs a home fell for Saren so has added her to her tribe!!!! Homed May 2010
TerrierFound a home following our appeal for gloria's dogs to find a home with Sue. Homed May 
Shelley Paula found lovely little Shelley a home one of Glorias dogs. Homed May 2010. 
cocoCoco now happily living with a Dutch couple near Frailies May 2010
 Kiera homed in Nieves happy to have a new brother and mum and dad of her own. April 2010
tysonTyson great boy homed with the lovely Scott and Lisa. April 2010
Chica went to her new home in Calpe sad to see her go but good she has finally got a home. Homed in April 2010
TimmyTimmy happy and at home in Nieves. Homed in March 2010
dukeDuke homed near La Romana in March 2010
fred Fred found starving and dehydrated he was homed within 3 hours to the lovely Di & Mik in Hondon. He is very happy in his new home and annoying his new brothers. Homed Feb 2010
Goldie happy with her new family in Torrevieja. Homed Feb 2010
Alfie a gorgeous 7 month old boy now living with his new mum in Seville. Homed Feb 2010
Poppy found a new mummy in La Zenia in Feb 2010
Barby happy with her new family in Barbarroja in Feb 2010
Red found tied to a bin we managed to get him a new home in less than a week adopted by a lady living in La Marina. He is very happy! Feb 2010
Max will be a very big dog. He is 4 months old and already 20kilos.  Rehomed following our very first advert in the Inland Magazine. We are so happy! Jan 2010
Albi and TeraAlbi and Tera found on the mountain road 1 day before the freezing weather would have killed them homed over christmas December 2009
Alsatians2 gorgeous Alsatians (found running down the middle of the main road) Unfortunately there was a 3rd brother and little white one as well but try as we might they just kept escaping. Homed in December 2009.
JesseJesse homed in December 2009 her new family adore her. 
LuckyLucky homed in October 2009 she is very loved in her new home