Hondon Valley Animal Rescue - Constitution

(Agreed at a meeting of interested persons at

Bar Central, Hondon de las Nieves)

 15 March 2010


1.       Area of operations

The organisation shall operate throughout the Hondon Valley, La Romana, Aspe, and all areas in between and in the vicinity of these locations. A flexible approach will be adopted in relation to campo around our designated area.

2.        Aims and Objectives

Hondon Valley Animal Rescue (the Organisation) is a non-profit making voluntary organisation and aims to rescue and seek permanent homes for abandoned, unwanted and maltreated animals. Or, in the case of lost animals, to try and reunite the animal with the owner.

3.       Method

a.        The Organisation will seek to collect the animals. Then arrange suitable temporary care prior to finding the owner or placing with a new owner.

b.      The Organisation will ensure that all dogs coming into their care are inspected for a microchip. We will endeavour to find the owner by advertising and liaison with the relevant sanctuary to ensure they are aware of dogs coming into our care.

c.       In the case of sick or injured animals ensure that they receive veterinary care and the appropriate action taken.

d.      It is intended that the Organisation will operate for an indefinite period.

e.      Permanent new owners will be asked to sign an adoption form , have a homecheck and follow up checks, on the adopted animal, will be carried out by a committee member.

f.        An Internet site will be created to advertise our aims and allow the public to view dogs seeking homes, advertise events, etc.

g.       Any other advertising media will be used in an attempt to re-home the animals.


4.       Lawful Compliance

a.       The Organisation will have no political affiliation.

b.      The Organisation will act within Spanish law at all times.

c.       The Organisation will treat volunteers, the public and Committee members with respect, upholding the dignity of all.

5.       Committee

a.       The Committee shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM of members) as set out in section 5.

b.      There will be a monthly committee meeting.  Minutes of all meetings will be kept and made available for inspection on request. 

c.       The meetings will take place at the Bar Central, Hondon de las Nieves or, if this becomes impractical, another similar venue in the area.

d.      The Committee members will be replaced as and when vacancies occur.  The Committee, prior to the AGM, may temporarily fill such a vacancy.

e.      A Committee member may propose a motion of no confidence in another member of the Committee in which case a majority vote may remove the said member.

6.       AGM

a.       There will be an AGM held in September each calendar year.  There must be fifteen days notice of the date of the AGM.  All paid up members will be notified.

b.      A quorum of five is required to hold the AGM.

7.       Funding

a.       The Organisation is a voluntary organisation and relies totally on donations of time, money and fund-raising events.

b.      Donations and funds raised by the Organisation are to be used to pay veterinary fees. To provide food for the animals whilst in temporary care. For the administration of the Organisation and for any other costs related to the care and well being of animals including travelling expenses incurred by volunteers in relation to movement of the animals.

c.       The Organisation will seek to fund their aims in several ways, for example:

                            i.      Collection tins placed in various public establishments within the areas of operation.

                          ii.      Arrange regular events, i.e. dinner dances, evening entertainment programmes, dog shows.

                        iii.      Attend car boot sales and the like to sell goods donated by well-wishers.

                         iv.      To open the Organisation to membership for a small annual fee.

                           v.      To accept donations made by well-wishers, businesses etc.

8.       Finances

a.       The funds shall be held in a bank account in the name of ‘Hondon Valley Animal Rescue’.  Withdrawals can only be made with two signatures.  Where possible one will be the Treasurer and one other committee member.  In the Treasurers absence two members will be required, one of whom must be the President.

b.      The Treasurer, or his nominee, will present a full financial report at each monthly meeting

c.       The Treasurer’s report will be available at all times on the web-site to allow public inspection of all monies coming into and going out of the Organisation.

d.      The financial affairs of the Organisation shall be examined on an annual basis by an independent auditor.  This shall be carried out immediately prior to the AGM.

9.       In the Event of Closure

In the event of the closure of the Organisation any monies remaining, after discharging all liabilities, in the Hondon Valley Animal Rescue account shall be paid over to the relevant animal sanctuary.