Hondon Valley Animal Rescue Annual General Meeting

To be held at Bar Central Hondon Nieves at 7pm on Friday 27th October

All members are asked to attend to hear the yearly reports and elect the committee.

Any questions regarding the group must be submitted at least seven days prior to the meeting.


Minutes of previous AGM

Presidents report.  

Financial report

Election of the committee

Any questions (submitted as above)

The president, treasurer and membership secretary will be seeking re election.

Any member wishing to apply for any of the committee posts must submit their application in writing at least seven days prior to the meeting. Can be submitted at the shop in Nieves or by email to the president





Membership is due as from 1 September  We have been reviewing our membership lists amd noted that, at the present time, you have not renewed your membership. If you would like to continue to support Hovar, please reply to this email or complete details in the shop.


If you do not wish to renew please let us know so we can amend the records.


Thank you.

Colin (President)


Response on message on Facebook about Leishmania
To anyone who has a dog with Leishmania. We at HOVAR presently have eight dogs diagnosed with Leishmania. It is very difficult to home them as the perception is that it is the end of the road for the dog. We are asking anyone with dogs with disease to write a few lines as to their experiences to try and reassure any potential owners of Leish infected dogs. Please enter on here or send email to


In seven years Hondon Valley Animal Rescue has rescued and rehomed over 700 dogs. Many of whom would have had no future at all. They would probably have ended up in the pound at Cereco.  The difficulty has always been finding foster homes and, of course, permanent homes. We have never turned away any dog and have always managed. But the situation has never been as bad as it is at this time. Due to a lack of foster carers we are now spending a large amount of our income on paying for commercial kennelling for dogs in our care.  We have therefore, reached the position where unless we can find new foster homes, and preferably permanent homes, for the dogs we have, we will be unable to take any further rescues.  We will never abandon the dogs we have in our care; they will always be taken care of. But the ones who may need our help in the future will be the losers.

Please ask yourself if you are able to give a dog a foster or permanent home. 

In zeven jaar tijd Hondon Valley Animal Rescue (Hovar) meer dan 700 honden gered en een nieuw huis voor ze gevonden. Veel van deze honden hadden geen toekomst gehad en waarschijnlijk bij een Cereco terecht gekomen. Het probleem is altijd het vinden van pleeggezinnen en natuurlijk permanente huisvesting. 

We hebben nog nooit nee gezegd maar de situatie is nog nooit zo slecht als het is op dit moment is. Als gevolg van een gebrek aan pleeggezinnen moeten we nu een groot deel van ons inkomen besteden aan het betalen voor commerciële kennels voor honden in onze zorg. 

We hebben helaas nu de limiet bereikt en kunnen nu niet meer honden opnemen voordat we pleeggezinnen hebben gevonden of een huis voor de honden die we nu hebben. We zullen nooit de honden in de steek laten die we nu hebben, maar degenen die onze hulp in de toekomst nodig hebben zijn nu de verliezers.

Vraag jezelf af of je de mogelijkheid hebt voor een hond een pleeggezin te zijn of nog beter een nieuw thuis kan geven.


We are looking for a couple of people who would be willing to spend maybe three hours on a Saturday 'showing' some of our dogs. Basically walking them in the villages in the valley to allow people to see them in the hope they may get homes. If interested please call at the HOVAR shop in Nieves

We are desperate for fosterers to enable us to continue to provide a service in our area. Fostering is one of our most important functions. When we get that call or spot that animal in distress yes we can go and get it and take it to the vets BUT what after?


We wish to recruit new members. The fee is €5 or 5 pounds. For the locals membership forms are available in our shop in Nieves. You can also join by going to