Animals to adopt from other rescues and people


The following animal  from other rescues or other people. If interested, please contact the people mentioned under the photo, thanks.






We have lovely pups with the mother (Spanisch Mastin) and father (Vizsla hunting dog).


Born 30 November, call me if you like to meet them.They all need a good home.


 Sandra 632289010


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Female cat about 12 months old. She has recently been spayed and checked over by a vet, has had her vaccinations but doesn’t have a microchip. She’s very affectionate and is obviously used to being around people.

We found her in our garden two weeks ago, desperately hungry; and as we live 1 kilometre from a main road fear she has been abandoned.

Please contact Carol or Shaun on 868 187 811 if you can offer her a new home.



This lovely boy is Xai (pronounced Chai). He is a Shepherd cross and is about one year old.  He is intelligent, sweet and affectionate and will make someone a wonderful companion. For more information, please contact Jill 608 62 59 81 (English) or Emilio 667 04 05 80 (Spanish)



 This is Erin, she is at the moment at the perrera in Elda. She was adopted a couple of months ago and they returned her there.

She is 9 months old, very social and gets on well with cats.

Telephone is: 618346597