Animals to adopt from other rescues and people


The following animal  from other rescues or other people. If interested, please contact the people mentioned under the photo, thanks.


Due to private circumstances, a new house was sought for Chloe.

Chloe is a beautiful, sweet American Bully of 3.5 years old. She is in good health, very loyal and very affectionate. She loves sunbathing and cuddling, preferably the whole day.
Unfortunately we have noticed that she is not good with other dogs. Chloe loves her buddy with whom she lives together but can not be placed with other dogs or small children.
She is used to sleeping outside but also to sit inside with her owners.
Probably a pin in a haystack, but is there someone with enough space, time, knowledge of and love for this muscular, sweet giant?

Chloe is in Benissa, phone / Whatsapp is 671 45 23 20.



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3 pups, please contact