Treasurers Report for AGM 2020

I would like to give my thanks to all the shop staff and volunteers who have continued to assist in raising the much needed funds for HOVAR. This has been a very disruptive year and there have been many challenges along the way.
I have not received any questions throughout this past year about the finances, so again I guess people are happy with how things have been working. The accounts have been audited and the Committee have signed them off subject to this meeting.
This year our income has exceeded the expenditure by €5554.32
We had a total income of € 53611.78 and Expenditure was €48057.46.
The bank balance on 30th September 2020 stands at €13104.95
We have been trying to update the bank signatories for over a year and had not succeeded. As the Committee has now changed we are resuming this task urgently.
Last December we were thrown into raising funds and distributing the funds to flood victims around our area. Over €2000 was raised and spent on food and clean up. The shop participated in the collection of items of bedding and food as well.
Our biggest bills came following the big rescue of 60 dogs in March. Hovar covered all the costs on the day of rescue when every animal was health checked, vaccinated and given flea & tick treatment and that came in at nearly 1600€. We then picked up additional expenditure as we took 26 of these rescue dogs who then required neutering or castration and other health treatment costing us over 9000€ including some kennelling. Coming just a week before lockdown this was a huge dent in our funds.
The general Vets bills have almost remained the same and cover both Hovar and Alma bills up to May and just Hovar since June.
The Lockdown and closure of the shop was a huge set-back for our fund raising but I thank everyone who made personal donations on Go Fund Me, Teaming and through our on-line Raffles. Without that support we would have struggled badly. I would have estimated that during that period we remained closed we lost over 7,000€ in revenue and that would have seen the shop do better than last year. We received no government relief and continued to pay our rent and associated costs during this period of lockdown. Thankfully the re-opening of the shop, although having significantly reduced customers, have shown recent sales have remained good.
The major change this year has been the requirement for us to pay IVA on our sales in the shop since May. This is offset by IVA we pay on rent and services and any expenditure to do with the shop. Personal Donations continue to be zero rated.
The profit made at the shop this year has decreased by € 4900 on last year, giving us a total of €24345 profit after all expenses such as rent, utilities and taxes are taken out. This is no surprise considering the time we were closed and the reduction in footfall.
Unfortunately we are considerably down on events in the light of the current situation. Thankfully we had Jo & Collette come on the committee to organise events and hope in the future this source of income can resume.
We have increased income from our adoption programme and now receive fees for all dogs adopted. We continue to do our best to reduce our running costs and I am greatly aware that many of our volunteers and fosterers do not claim all their expenses in order to support the charity where they can and I thank them for their contributions.
There is nothing else to say about the accounts which have run smoothly over the past year I therefore ask the Members to vote to accept these accounts for 2019/2020.