President’s Report – Oct 2020

The President thanked all the members for attending and all the volunteers who have given their time throughout the year.

This has been a baptism of fire this past year…..not sure the job specification had three quarters of the things encountered during this time.

So, first month, September, suddenly there were the floods to contend with. Thankfully we were not impacted in our location but caused complete devastation in areas such as Catral, Dolores , Crevillente etc where many other rescues were seriously impacted. With the help of the many donations we received both in terms of food, blankets and financial we were able to help several shelters get back on their feet. In the early days I had the help of Book a Bale who were able to get the hay and straw to the horses, donkeys, goats and at the same time deliver food and items to the dog rescues. Myself and other members of the Committee made the various trips to these sites and saw first-hand what they were going through.

Then we had the record breaking exploits of Colin, Debs and Gwenda to name a few who did an amazing, and back breaking, job of picking 3200 kilos of Olives, which turned into 450 litres of olive oil, making us a few euros.

In February we had the rescue of the dogs from the house of 60, never an experience I hope we have to repeat again. With Suzi, Tina and Steve’s help we were in the thick of it and didn’t have time to think what we were wading through our concern was to find trap and grab as many dogs as we could and pass out to Wendy and Carole who were outside waiting with the cages. For this amount of dogs we needed to raise funds quickly and, just as we were about to hold the community fund raiser, the night before we were scuppered by Covid and lockdown. Whilst in lockdown and with the shop shut, the dogs still had to get to the vets to be treated, neutered, vaccinated and we had the bills still to pay. Just on those dogs alone we spent over 10000 euros mainly at the vets. To keep our heads above water we had to resort to doing umpteen online raffles / fundraisers. Think Wendy was up for an Oscar for best supporting act with the number of live on-screen appearances she made.

At last we were able to open the shop doors but that wasn’t straight forward. It had to be carefully planned to ensure we met the legal requirements set out by the Spanish govt and our Town Hall to ensure we weren’t shut back down.

Just before and during lockdown we revamped the shop layout which I believe has helped make it a nicer place to work and shop, and with all the shop staff and committees help we have been going from strength to strength to turn our finances right back round.

Which brings me on to the most important part of why we as a charity are here - the animals.

During the course of this year we have homed 75 puppies and dogs and neutered approx 40 cats. Whilst we were in lockdown, we had 55 in our care but we were still able to successfully home 26 by the end of June. We had the two week old pups found at the bins which Hilary took the initial role of nurse maid for with the two hourly feeds. Earlier in the year we had a mum and 3 pups which Karen took on and fostered.

Although I don’t wish to single out one foster over and above them all as without any of them we would be struggling big style, but this year I have to give a gold star to Tina. The amount of dogs she has taken on this year has been phenomenal. Rosie, Timmy, Ebony, the 3 pups founds in a sack, Simba, Nala, and Maya, the 2 pups from Frailes, Poppy and Cody, she helped rescue the dogs from the house of 60, and ended up at various points fostering Baloo, Merlin, Tinker, Sally, Gucci, Baloo, Luna, Monty, Benji, Annie, Trixie, Bandit and I’m sure I have missed a few. She is just an awesome woman.

In the next couple of days I will be posting a rundown of all the dogs we have helped this year and where they are now so watch out for that.

The Committee when I started was made up of a number of lovely ladies who didn’t necessarily wish to be on it but knew if they didn’t put themselves forward HOVAR wouldn’t be able to continue running legally as a charity. As and when I have been able to find suitable individuals to join the committee the ladies have slowly been stepping down. I would like to say a big thank you on behalf of the doggies to them for allowing the Charity to exist.

In the interim until we could officially vote them on at the AGM I have taken on after advertising-

Hilary as our secretary, she brings with her the ability to be able to speak Spanish and can converse with the local authorities.

I have also added to the team Colette and Joe who wanted to share the role of Events Organisers and at the same time inject some fun into our lives.

We recently advertised for another treasurer so when Wendy finally puts her feet up and annoys Tony we will have someone up and running straight off. So Anne will be joining us hopefully after tonight.

So this brings me on to the voting on of the Committee Members

So after quite an eventful year do you wish your committee as follows: -

President: Ann Henley

Treasurer: Wendy Dengate

Deputy Treasurer: Anne Flanagan

Secretary: Hilary Green

Events 1: Colette Johnstone

Events 2: Joe Doyle


Projects for this new financial year (always subject to our own financial situation)

  • Trial of dog bins in the Nieves town area and one on the urb

  • A donation of 400 euros to cat sterilisation programme this month

  • From January we will pay for 2 cats a month that require sterilising

  • We will be providing assistance to an Animal protection in Elda ( throughout the year) who have 200 dogs in terms of homing feeding and general assistance.

  • We will be assisting the Charity Amigos in Fortuna (they help food bank and animals). They have asked for items that we are unable to sell in the shop.

I am looking forward to another successful year in helping the Fur babies but in the meantime stay safe and look after yourselves….

Ann Henley, President of Hondón Valley Animal Rescue