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    Guess how much in the Jar!

    Winner closest to amount gets the total in jar in Euros (more then 120 euro's)

    Jar contains only 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 & 50 cents coins and a couple of notes.

    5 Euro per entry.

    Send your guess on messenger to Wendy Dengate ( https://www.facebook.com/wendy.dengate.9 ) or email [email protected] or text 666023815, or register answer at shop.

    Pay by PayPal, bank transfer or in shop.
    Bank transfer to: ES93 0081 1370 9600 0108 7710 / BSAB ESBB
    Asociacion Hondon Valley Animal Rescue use Reference Raffle March.
    The Paypal link is on our website www.hondonvar.com

    Closing date Saturday 23th May results announced at 16.00 hour

  2. , Hondón de las Nieves between 10am - 2 pm tomorrow morning Monday 16th.
    We need food, bedding and money for cats, dogs and horses. If you have anything you can spare we will make sure it is distributed where it is needed. These animals are in desperate need. If anyone can take a dog into their home even if for a short time please consider offering shelter.
    Thank you. You can donate via Paypal through this site