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  1. This Bretton spaniel, called Sugar! was found yesterday she is almost bald due to flea and tick infestation. She has a large hernia under her belly, a sorry state. She did have a chip, the owner was contacted, when he attended at the vets he told her to put the dog down. Looks like she had been a hunter but no longer up to it. The vet contacted HOVAR as she did not see any need to to put her to sleep as her problems could be solved. She is eight years old. So we agreed to pay the bills and Rebecca has found a Spanish lady to foster her. Hopefully in a few weeks she will be fit for a home. The owner of course was only too willing to sign her over as he then didn't even have the euthanasia costs!

    Sugar 005

    Sugar 006

  2. Sonia and Rita are two of our fourteen shop volunteers with five of our dogs before they begin their journey to new lives in uk. Charlie the german shepherd was found in a semi starving state in the fields near the urb. Cindy and Gina were abandoned at someone's gate at the top of Barbarroja. Pipa the podenco was wandering the main roads. Jake was one of three dogs left in a garden when their owners abandoned them and the house. All the volunteers do what they do so we can find these dogs new lives wherever that may be. Anyone want a dog don't worry we have plenty more but for these five the wait is over.

    dogs to uk 001

  3. HOVAR Contributes to Cat Sterilisation Programme


    Dogs at Large organised a lunch at Monte Alto on 21st Feb to raise funds for a Cat Sterilisation Programme. HoVAR Committee allocated 500€ towards the programme with the money being paid directly to the Vet Rebbecca in the village to cover the costs towards the programme. In total over 1500€ was raised at the function and this will go a long way to moving this programme along in the Hondon Valley Area. Chairman Colin Buck made the announcement at the function and the contribution was greatly appreciated. Rebbecca the vet informed us that the 500€ had now been fully used so we will hope to see improvements in the numbers of feral cats in the area. This has been a great opportunity for animal charities in the area to work together for the benefit of animal welfare.


    Dog Sterilisation Programme


    HOVAR will shortly launch a dog sterilisation programme in the area of Nieves, Frailes and La Romana. This will also include chipping of dog to owner. Further details will shortly be published about the programme and the criteria of eligibility which we will hope to commence in the next month or two. We expect to have good support from the local Town Halls who will also assist us where they can.