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Homed a few dogs lately and a couple due to go in the next few days. We had a committee meeting yesterday that lasted 3 hours so plenty to discuss. Finalised details for the Dinner Dance on the 24th September and agreed to organise a XMAS fair for end of November. Also a fashion show to show off some of our winter clothes available in the shop.  Have orgaised the AGM for 22nd Sept at the Central. Must get at least 12 members there to lawfully vote in the committee.  Picked up 2 dogs lately that have had chips and returned them to owners. Good when that happens but I dont think Spanish people really understand what we do. They just take the dog and say thank you which is fine but a small donation would be appreciated!  Oh well we are getting more locals in the shop so slowly but surely does it.  Started work on another website aimed at homing dogs in the UK from January when the 6 month rabies thing comes to an end. Early days but could be a new audience for us. I know there are plenty of homeless dogs in the UK but sometimes you have to push your own boat a bit so a few  from our area may find british homes eventually. Going to try and find some sponsors to pay the shop rent from January. Need 9 to pay 50e a month. If business then plenty of advertising in shop etc in return for their sponsorship. Already have 3 people so now only need 6 others.  The vehicle I am trying out for a month is ideal in terms of size. Drives well etc but a bit heavy on the fuel so we will have to decide in a couple of weeks if we are going to buy it.

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