As last year this year so far has been just as busy, problematical, rewarding and fun.

But firstly on behalf of Hovar I would just like to say a big thankyou to all our supporters for your continued support. Without you we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the following over the last 6 months or so.

Animal update and the reason we exist -

Dogs -With the odds stacked against us again this year, with Corona virus , lock down restrictions and good old Brexit (Post Brexit impacts), we have still managed to home 60 dogs so far this year within Spain and the UK!! Additionally we have others reserved and awaiting transporter space so by the end of our business year i’m hoping we will have homed nearer 90 dogs.

Brexit unfortunately has had a big impact on the transporters which has caused big delays. Although they were DEFRA registered in the UK, they have, since January, had to become EU equivalent registered. This involved a lot of typical form filling, training courses and lots of money. Thankfully the main transporter we use was ahead of the game and was ready by mid January , but the ones we use for Scotland are only just getting their licences. The cost for transporting has also increased partly due to the licence requirement but also the Traces kennel charges and Custom charges have increased due to post Brexit admin.

Its not been all good news in the dog world – we unfortuntely had one dog go over the rainbow bridge whilst in foster. We knew Gaia had some health issues but not the extent until we had specialist tests undertaken which revealed unresolvable heart issues. Whilst she was out of pain but on medication she continued her life but it unfortunately ended sooner than the experts had thought.

Cats – we have had 34 cats picked up and sterilised and another 10 in the pipeline- whilst they are being sterilised the vet also checks for other health issues and these are treated at the sametime.

Like the doggy world we had one cat who went over the rainbow bridge. A feral cat whom we were asked to help. She was found to have had an aggressive cancer . White cats here in Spain are unfortunately prone to getting cancer of the ears which spreads to the head. So if you see white cats with what looks like their ears have been partly eaten away they urgently need to be seen by a vet.

Chickens – This year so far we have had seperate rescues of chickens resulting in 8 being rehomed once they had been quarantined.

Helping others :-

This year we have been in the fortunate position to be able to help other organisations……

Elda Rescue- We visited after Xmas and took with us many bags of 20kg dog food plus we cut up and took with us buckets of sausage so we could feed the dogs and give each of them a little Xmas treat.

Paradise Kennels – Unfortunately, they were flooded badly twice this year with the water in the kennels up to the dogs bellies ( Podenco size dog). What they were desperate for, to safeguard the dogs, was a pump to remove the water faster than removing by hand. So Hovar purchased 2 new pumps for them and delivered them so we could see first hand the serious problems they were faced with.

Feline Rescue Society Hondon de los Frailes- We have provided financial help this year both to them and to their vet so they were/are able to have numerous cats sterilised in the area.

Fortuna Welfare - We have provided boxes and boxes of items to allow them to raise funds for both the animals and for the poor ( food bank and clothing). One indidvidual had a serious machinery accident to one of his legs in recent months which meant he was no longer able to work and support his family including a dog so we also provided dog food and treats.

Homeless/poor – This year so far we have donated 300 plus dustbin sized bags of clothes.

Additionally – during the year…………….

We, like other registered associations, who have their accounts audited and submitted have had to endure having our income reduced . This is due to now having to pay IVA tax. However to counteract that we have been trying to raise funds through holding events during the year when and where we have been allowed ( Covid )….We had the Xmas quiz, A Xmas stall at the Finca, Xmas hamper in the shop, Easter hamper in the shop, walking treasure hunt around Nieves, Euro footy hamper and a summer Hovar quiz. We also have lined up the Hovar fashion show and auction on the 30th Jul, Treasure Hunt around the valley , and the fantastic, not to be missed ,Christmas Ball on 11th Dec .This is just a few of the things we are undertaking to ensure we continue to keep our head above water to be able to support the animals in our care now and many more that might come along needing our help …….Additionally I have been working with the Solicitors to ensure where we are able that the IVA bill is as small as possible by ensuring exactly what can or cant be offset . For example our bill for the quarter ending Dec 2020 was 1700 euros , our quarter ending Mar 2021 was Zero due to retrospective claiming of invoices not previously thought to be allowed but after being challenged are now allowed.

We have been working with the Townhall and the police and I can confirm we are the first Association to have a signed agreement and process in relation to rescuing in the area. We are also working with them to fight the mis-treatment of animals which still continues but thankfully Spanish law is tightening up , albeit still has along way to go but it is at least moving in the right direction...We will be ensuring its being enforced.

There are some who believe we are not doing enough , we should be doing more …...but I know most of you are aware we are only volunteers, We do not do this to support our own lives, we do not do it for any financial reward, or use it for a means for other businesses to thrive, but instead do it for the love of the animals which is what we should all be doing in the animal rescue world first and foremost, and the majority do …..Some of us are doing this 7 days a week to stupid hours in the morning to ensure we continue to support our existing dogs and even those that have been homed where sometimes people need that extra help and reassurance…….

I know there is a lot of uncertainty still ahead with Covid and the UK coming out of the EU ( causing a knock on impact to homing dogs in the UK ) but on behalf of the Hovar Committee we hope you all stay safe and well and continue to support us when you are able no matter how small…….

Ann Henley

Hovar President